The art of tapping into every corner in the bathroom

The art of tapping into every corner in the bathroom

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Taking advantage of a reduced surface is not easy! This is all the more true in the case of a small bathroom, inside which it is necessary to optimize the storage spaces. Exploiting every corner available is a feat! We have listed tips that will help you meet the challenge.

In a small bathroom, favor multifunctional elements!

To exploit every corner of a cramped bathroom, you must assign a storage function to each element. For example, the mirror above your sink should not just compliment you on your beauty! It should also open up and offer you a clever and practical storage space. Likewise, some baths are fitted with built-in drawers to accommodate your towels and other bathrobes. Remember this golden rule: multifunctional elements master the art ofoptimize space !

Integrate a storage bin on wheels in the apron of the bathtub? Clever!

Use every corner under the hanging furniture!

If possible, the cabinet intended to accommodate the basin of your sink should be suspended. The space left free under this element will be usefully used, to have storage boxes with suitable dimensions. You will gain precious square centimeters! You will understand, exploiting the smallest corner of a small bathroom supposes to show a little mischief and a lot of imagination ...

Use the space under your bathroom furniture to store your accessories.

When the walls of a small bathroom participate in storage!

In a bathroom where space is lacking, it is imperative to have a vertical design of the space. Each wall must be thought of as a storage surface! Rather than a radiator, opt for example for a towel dryer, whose bars will be used to hang towels in use. Likewise, attach transparent Plexiglas® shelves. Light and airy, they offer real storage space, without creating a containment effect. A clever place to place them can be above the door: ideal for storing material that you do not use often, without it cluttering you up every day. From floor to ceiling, you will take advantage of every corner of your small bathroom!

A storage column will come in handy in the bathroom for towels.