3 garden furniture for napping

3 garden furniture for napping

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Sun, a big blue sky, nice temperatures ... And if you succumb to the art of living lying dear to Mediterranean cultures. Because laziness is good, we take stock of these garden furniture essential for napping. An article sponsored by the cicadas of the South…

1 / A Chilean woman for a nomadic nap in the garden

Its name alone invites you to laze long hours in the sun ... The Chilean is, with the deckchair, the lounge chair and the sun lounger the star of garden furniture. His folding chair associated with a fabric canvas lends itself to the art of nomadic napping. Your main concern? Find THE perfect shade… Life is hard in the sun!

Simple, efficient and elegant, the Chilean takes care of your naps!

2 / A canopy bed for a dreamy nap outdoors

If for you a good nap rhymes first with a good bed, then the canopy bed is the garden furniture that you need. There are few places more suitable than its mattress delicately protected by its light sheers to enjoy a dreamy nap at will ...

A thousand and one wonderful naps await you aboard this canopy bed!

3 / A pallet garden bed for an ecological nap

The ecological nap found its followers among creatives and other DIY enthusiasts with the pallet garden bed . But beware: before comfort, make way for effort! To enjoy a well-deserved nap after lunch in your cocoon made of recycled pallets, a minimum of elbow grease is necessary.

An eco-friendly and cozy hammock for a lasting nap (source)!