Our decor ideas for a colorful kitchen

Our decor ideas for a colorful kitchen

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Tired of your cooking? The combination of white walls and wooden furniture, you can't take it anymore? And if you put color in your kitchen ?! 

Whether you choose pop colors or softer shades, the kitchen is a room in which you can give free rein to your creativity. Whether it's repainting the walls in color or adding a few touches of color to them with household appliances or decorative items, there are several solutions for add color to your kitchen

Dare the flashy colors in the kitchen

To add color to your kitchen, you can play the flashy color card. Get inspired by pop decor by opting for bright colors like yellow, red, blue or even orange.

For example, you can repaint a whole section of wall in yellow or electric blue. In these cases, keep very classic wooden furniture, to avoid overdoing it.

It is also possible to add touches of bright color to a classic style kitchen. A colorful fridge, wooden chairs repainted in yellow or red, a woven cotton carpet, small appliances in bright colors ... You are bound to be spoiled for choice!

Adopt pastel colors

Are you afraid of getting tired of bright colors? No problem. Pastel shades have their place in a kitchen. Powder pink, mint green, light blue… These soft colors allow you to have colorful Scandinavian-inspired cuisine

Paint your furniture in one color, and favor a second pastel color for your walls or your credenza. Do not mix pastel colors, prefer the combination of two colors only.

For trendy cuisine, combine these pastel shades to copper or rose gold metal decorative items. Light wood is also a very good idea. It will be highlighted by the pastel colors of your kitchen.

The pastel colors also give a retro look to your small household appliances. A pastel pink Kitchenaid baking robot, a toaster or a baby blue electric kettle from the SMEG brand ... That's enough to bring color to your kitchen without doing too much!

Choose one color

Colorful cuisine doesn't have to mean an explosion of colors. You can absolutely favor one color, which is going to come and add pep's in your interior.

This color can be used on walls, on a splashback for example. It can also be preferred for kitchen furniture, but in these cases, we leave the walls painted in a neutral color (such as white or beige). Then make reminders of this color through decorative objects, crockery or even textiles such as a cotton carpet or tea towels hanging on the wall.

Install a splashback in colored tiles

Credenza is one of the decorative elements of the kitchen that are as useful as they are aesthetic. There are several types of credenza, the easiest to install are those in tiling or sticker, to cover an already existing credenza.

To add color to your kitchen, install a splashback in mosaic type tiling or colored cement tile. To enhance it, keep a neutral shade for your kitchen furniture, especially if you opt for a splashback in a bright color. Also think about terrazzo. This coating is perfectly suited for a splashback and mixes several colors in the same shades.

Colorful furniture

If you want to bring color to your kitchen without repainting or changing everything, here is an easy solution: buy colored furniture ! Colorful chairs, a vintage formica table, a painted wooden wardrobe ... If you hunt for these colorful pieces of furniture, this will bring a trendy vintage touch in your kitchen!