How to clean the top of your cupboards?

How to clean the top of your cupboards?

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You certainly know this place where we never rummage but which often disturbs us. It is greasy, sticky, dusty: we are talking about the top of our cupboards and kitchen furniture. Because we tend to neglect this area, we give you our tips to make this space cleaner, longer.

We remove dust and grease

You have just discovered the extent of the damage on the top of your cupboards and with horror you realize that you never look at what is happening above your hob, or your kitchen cupboards! However, it is the most dusty space, the one that retains the most fat that we forget to maintain. First, use a large sponge soaked in water and Marseille soap, if you do not know what material your furniture is made of. This will allow you to remove the grease and dust installed with a sponge and a little elbow grease.

Just protect your kitchen furniture to keep it clean for a long time!

We protect our furniture

It may be grandma's most common sense tip. To protect the top of the kitchen furniture, our grandmothers tended to spread newspaper over the top of the cupboards. It is a good way to protect the furniture itself from dust and various dirt. Today, we offer alternatives like absorbent paper that you will only have to change regularly. Better yet, you can use plastic film which will even adhere to your furniture and will be almost invisible to the naked eye! You just have to remove it to change it. And voila !